Peking University First Hospital
          (Peking University First Medical School)

Peking University First Hospital (also called ^Beida ̄ Hospital) is a large comprehensive tertiary hospital integrating medical services with teaching, research and preventive medicine. It lies in the old imperial city, the very center of Beijing. It is the closest hospital to Zhongnanhai and one of the bases for treating high-ranking government officials and senior scholars.
Founded in 1915, Beida Hospital is the first state-owned hospital and the first-batch clinical medical school. It was initially the affiliated clinic of Beijing Medical School approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China. In 1946, it became a part of Peking University (also called Beida) and was renamed Beida Hospital. It didn¨t get current name Peking University First Hospital until the year 2000 when Beijing Medical University and Peking University integrated after several separation and combination.
In the past ninety years, our hospital established the first Pediatrics Department (1940), the first Urology Department (1946), the first Cardiovascular Ward in general hospital (1950s), and the major of Nephrology (1950) and Pediatric Neurology (1950s) in China. We are also in the leading position among domestic colleagues on the performance of intravenous anesthesia (1951), surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases (1950s), kidney transplantation (1960), artificial crystal embedding (1983), coronary intervention (1986), self-blood callback (1997), thoracoscope operation (1992) and mini-incision lung transplantation (2003) and so on. Therefore, Peking University First Hospital has contributed and is contributing its own efforts to Chinese medical industry.
Peking University First Hospital has 36 clinical departments, 17 technological departments, 6 institutes, totally 60 wards and 1500 beds. Nearly 7000 outpatients are treated in this hospital per day. Over 45000 patients are admitted, with about 20000 operations completed per year. The hospital has over 3000 full time employees, including about 200 with a professional title of professor equivalent, over 250 with a professional title of associate professor equivalent. Prof. Guo Yinglu of Urology Department in our hospital was honored as an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999, which is a national and independent organization, composed of elected members with the highest honor in the community of engineering and technological sciences of the nation.
Our hospital enjoys a reputation of complete disciplines and high-leveled general diagnosis and treatment. Our hospital owns 12 key disciplines of national level (including urology, pediatrics, dermatology, nephrology, TCM and integrated TCM and western medicine, cardiology, hematology, orthopedics, obstetrics & gynecology, ophthalmology, pathology and nuclear medicine) and a state base for drug clinical trial. As a Class A insurance hospital, we are providing 6.8 million Beijing citizens who are enjoying basic medical insurance with medical security. At the same time, the hospital is responsible for the free medical care of 60,000 persons and the health care of one eighth of the senior government officials. Among all the outpatients of our hospitals, one third of them are patients with stubborn diseases coming from all over the country.
As Peking University¨s affiliated hospital who has the longest history, our hospital has trained over 2600 undergraduates and over 2200 graduates in the last 30 years, including about 1400 students with master degree, about 800 students with doctor degree and over 60 post-doctoral students.
At present, the hospital has an enrollment of more than 300 students covered by eight year doctoral program, about 600 master program students, and about 200 nursing school undergraduates. In addition, our hospital is responsible for the CME of about 7000 persons.
For scientific research, the hospital has been among the leading position, and was awarded the ^National Popular Science Education Base ̄. Since 1978, our hospital is awarded more than 320 prizes by the state, Ministry of Health, Beijing Municipality or Peking University for its achievement in science and technology, including National Science and Technology Award, National Natural Science Award nominated by Ministry of Education and Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award. In the recent twenty years, the total number of papers written by our hospital staff amounts to 20,000. The number of papers collected by Science Citation Index (SCI) has been among the top in all medical institutes in China and the total number now is over 700.
As a member of the ^National Team ̄ of hospitals, under the leadership of central committee of CPC and the State Council, our hospital will try our best to release the doctor-patient conflict, to create a harmonious environment for medical treatment, to actively participate in the committee health care construction, to support health care in rural areas, and to become a public satisfying hospital. President Liu Yucun and all staff in Peking University First Hospital are grateful to leaders of all levels, all circles of the society and the general public, for the trust and kind support of so many years.
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